Our History

Around 1999, some interested persons tried to start a Toastmasters Club in the Marine Parade vicinity but these two different sets of toastmasters could not make any headway due to many insurmountable obstacles. After 9 years,  2 outstanding men and 1 multi-talented lady banded together to call for an informal meeting onthe 4th of April 2008. This time 10 people came. These seekers caught the value and mission of building a Toastmasters Club.  A committee of 7 men and women was elected with a primary goal  to charter the club. With  our CCMC Treasurer , Mr Kalai’s magnanimous financial assistance, the people’s interests grew and a new club was conceived somewhere between that April day and June 2008.  The club was chartered on 27th of June 2008 with 23 charter members and the club was inaugurated on19 September 2008.

We express our gratitude to the following Toastmasters for their prominent roles in our club’s history :

Club Sponsors

1.   Ng Cher Khim, CL

Mobile : 9839 0857


2.   Patrick Chang, ATB/AL

Mobile : 9691 2323


Club Mentors

1.   Rose Ho, ACB/CL

Mobile : 96370929


2.   Ching Kwock Wing, ACB/CL

Mobile : 97560083