Club Exco for 2019-2020

Marine Parade Toastmasters’ Club AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Quorum for AGM is essential, i.e. at least 50% + 1 member, and we achieved quorum tonight – Thank you to all of our members who made special effort to be present!

We started the AGM with a great review what the club has achieved. VP Education, Membership, PR and Treasurer, of the outgoing 11th ExCo gave updates on the past 2018-2019 Toastmasters year and President Putu rounded off nicely with his President’s Reflection. Prasad was already in his element as the incoming Secretary, as he took minutes of the AGM proceedings!😁 The complete AGM minutes will be sent out to MPTMC Members – please keep a lookout for it in your inbox.

Next, the anticipated Election time!
Contenders for the roles gave impassioned speeches, imploring members to vote for them. We love our members who stepped up for the 2019-2020 Executive Committee, despite their busy schedules and commitments. We would not be able to continue to deliver quality Meetings without volunteers to prepare and run them. Ultimately our club is run by volunteers and it can only be as good as what we put in!

The stars of the night were our newly-elected Executive Committee (ExCo) – say hello to our new Club Officers for 2019-2020!exco_glas

We are proud of the following elected individuals who will lead, inspire, and serve our medley family of Marine Parade Toastmasters Club for the 2019 – 2020 Term! 🤗

🌱MPTMC 2019-2020 Executive Committee🌱:
– President: Shiv Barasia
– Vice President Education (x2):  Ramanpreet Kaur Bhatia & – Vice President Membership: Tan Hwee Koon (Queenie)
– Vice President Public Relations: Diana Narbutaitė
– Secretary: Prasad Bakre
– Treasurer: Swatantra Singh Bhatia
– Sergeant-at-Arms: David Osborne

The new ExCo will start work in July – annual office terms run from 1st July through 30th June. Congratulations and a grand Thank You to our 2019-2020 Exco for your commitment to serve our Club! 🥳

Prior to AGM, we held a mini-version of chapter meeting, wherein we heard 2 prepared speeches. XiaoHao taught us to use ‘DBS’ in our daily quest to learn to say ‘No’ and Gwen gave a rousing rendition of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. 💪 Sachin and Fan Li were our elegant #Evaluators. Thank you to all the guests and especially to Molly for the lovely #homemade kaya! 😍

Stitches from the Special Screening – we all were rolling in laughter from Cher Khim’s uber-humourous, powerfully-delivered speech in Cebu, at the Philippines District 75 Conference earlier this year (April 2019).

So many things happened on this night that we had to continue the ‘toast’ bit outside. 😁 (lots of pics that tell stories) Bubbles were passed around as we gave a toast to 🎉Cher Khim🎉 for being elected as Program Quality Director for Toastmasters International District 80 i.e. for the whole of Singapore. 👈🥂

All photos are available on our Facebook page!

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Special Screening & Club’s AGM on Friday, 7 June

The meeting format will be unusually fun: with a Special Screening of a super humorous speech and a jostling election for our new Club Officers for 2019-2020 Term!

That’s right, It’s THAT time of the year…..!
We will be having our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 7 June 2019 at the usual Mezzanine Floor of Marine Parade CC, at 7 PM.
It’s a Once-In-A-Year opportunity to elect our Club Officers, recap achievements of the passing 2018/2019 Exco year and chat through the coming 2019/2020 year!

Remember, everything we do, we do as a club – We’re all in it together 😎
It’s our Club. Let’s have Our say.🤩

We need a MASSIVE turnout on the night, so please save the date in your calendar / set a reminder / write it on your arm and make sure you are there! 🤠

AGM 2019

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Club Calendar: part#2 (Mar to June 2019)

Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Calendar from Mar 2019 to June 2019 is out! We meet on 1st & 3rd Fridays, 7pm,unless otherwise announced, such as in April (see below)  #mpToastmasters #mptmc

1) Good Friday falls on 19 April, hence our meeting will be on 26 April instead.
2) A Saturday Outdoor meeting@Marina Barrage – with picnic too! 🍃🌳 Exact date To Be Confirmed (TBC) but we’re looking at 4 May.
3) Final 2 Club Socials are in March & May – have fun and get to know each other! 😎

So, whip out your phones and #savethemdates for the remaining upcoming Chapter Meetings, Contests and Socials!

Note: Dates are correct at publishing time, but for the latest updates, always check our Facebook Events page  & our sharedMPToastmasters Calendar“.

pt2 calendar.jpg

MPToastmasters Google Calendar

You can view our “MPToastmasters Calendar” via URL (no App needed) – bookmark this!
Bonus: If you have Google Calendar in your phone, you can add+sync “MPToastmasters Calendar” by clicking this link.

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Club Contest – International Speech & Table Topics

15 Feb 2019: Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest – International Speech & Table Topics.

A double-bill evening where we heard top-notch speeches👍, ranging from our newest member to one of our long-standing member😎. All Contestants were well-prepared; using beautiful language with appropriate body language and right amount of gestures.

Daniel kicked the ball rolling with his speech on raising “The Average”, with a tagline that was on everyone’s lips by the end of evening. Penny delivered a universally-liked topic “Men Behaving Badly..” while “The Position Lines of Our Lives” by Anuj was a witty marriage of sea-faring and life. “Jekyll & Hyde” was a showdown of vocal variety with at least 4 different character voices played out by Prasad. Paulson shared his consumerism experience and gave a call to action to “Keep Your Tripod in Balance”. All contestants were Effusive, Inspiring and Captivating 🤩such that applause was never in short supply but ultimately, Paulson and Prasad emerged as winners who will go on to the Area Contest. 🎉🤩

Following the on-going Lunar New Year celebrations, Table Topics Master, Cher Khim, playfully set the topics in HongBaos 😂 (red packets) and Contest Chair Joyce selected the one, fateful HongBao containing: “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

There were gales of laughter as Putu humourously delivered his speech rooting for pigeons instead of the colourful flamingos 🤣 – a creative content highlighting flying pigeons as the de-facto symbols of progress rather than flamingos. Penny was eloquent in the need for differentiation and splash of colour in our lives. Prasad opened memorably with the sounds of Tabla (Indian percussion) as taught by his music teacher, a flamingo he’d aspired to be, and linked it to leadership elegantly.

While the judges were deliberating, Joyce made profitable use of the time by interviewing all contestants on their strategies, thought processes and preparations. The audience benefited from the tips and learning points shared. 🤩👍

Official Results:
Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest – International Speech (15 Feb 2019)
Champion: T. Paulson
1st Runner Up: Prasad V.B.
2nd Runner Up: Penny R.

Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest – Table Topics (15 Feb 2019)
Champion: Putu S.S.
1st Runner Up: Penny R.
2nd Runner Up: Prasad V.B.

Congratulations to trophy winners and to all contest participants for taking a great first step towards International Championship! 🤩💪👏 In addition to the trophies, winners also received the Ornamental HongBao Balls lovingly hand-crafted by Gwen!

Our mighty 4-P’s – Paulson, Penny, Prasad, and Putu (alphabetical order not indicative of prowess) will represent our Club at the Area-level Contest! Save the date for Toastmasters District 80 Division D Area A4 Contest on 30 March 2019 (Saturday), 1pm at Bedok CC Auditorium!👈💪

A huge Thank You to our Contest Chair Joyce, gregarious Chief Judge Carolyn Street-Jones, diligent Judges and appointment holders for making our Club Contest an enjoyable one! 👏🎉

Check out all the photos on our Facebook post !

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15 Feb 2019: Club Contest

All are welcome to enjoy our highly-anticipated Club Contest: International Speech & Table Topics💪This Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 7pm!

Location: Marine Parade Community Club’s CONFERENCE ROOM (level 2)
Directions: take the staircase (outside CC office) to 2nd floor and turn left.

Witness the creme de la creme of Marine Parade Toastmasters Club perform their well-prepared #IntenationalSpeeches. See how the winners be spot-on when they’re put on the spot with the ever-entertaining impromptu #TableTopics 😊

ConfRmDirAddress: Marine Parade Community Club, 278 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449282.

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Next Meeting: 25 Jan 2019

Just for January, our 2nd meeting will be 25 Jan 2019 (next Friday).

Once we’re in February, we’ll be back to our regular 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month, i.e. the upcoming meetings are:

25 Jan 2019

1 Feb 2019

15 Feb 2019 (Club Contest)

1 Mar 2019

15 Mar 2019

Save these dates & see you!

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11 Jan 2019 Meeting


Our first 2019 meeting will be next Friday (not this week to give our speakers time to recover from last year’s celebrations 😉)

Hence, just for January 2019, our Chapter Meetings will be on 11 January 2019 and 25 January, 7pm!

For the latest updates, always check our Facebook Events page or scan the below QR code:

mptmc fb events.png


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Club Contest – Evaluation & Humorous Speech

16 Nov 2018: Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest!#EvaluationSpeech🥰 &#HumourousSpeech 

A wonderful evening for our 2 club contests at the Marine Parade CC’s Conference Room. We needed the larger room to welcome all the guests, judges and visiting toastmasters for the official Marine Parade Toastmasters Club #EvaluationSpeech Contest. We heard a wonderful array of sharp, witty and dramatic evaluation speeches from the contestants 🥳👍. Annnddd..our Evaluation Speech Champion is Paulson👑 !!👏🎉👏 Paulson will represent our Club at the Area-level Contest Toastmasters District 80 Division D on 30 March 2019!👈💪

Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest – Evaluation Speech (16 Nov 2018)

Champion: T. Paulson
1st Runner Up: Gwen P.
2nd Runner Up: K. Ravi

It was also our (unofficial) Club  #HumourousSpeech Contest 🤣. To start the laugh riot, Anuj entertained us with his comical journey seeking the Hermit Guru and a surprising twist😂. Gwen gave us a hilarious revelation about her purr-fect love and not to be missed, Penny persuaded us all to flirt more with her tongue-in-cheek speech Slightly Shaken, Mildly Stirred.😂🤣

Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Contest – Humorous Speech (16 Nov 2018)
Champion: Penny R.
1st Runner Up: Gwen P.
2nd Runner Up: Anuj V.

Congratulations to all our winners and all members who gave a good fight upholding a standard we can all be proud of! 💪👏

Our evening was blessed with guests and distinguished judges – there just wasn’t enough time to chat with every person! A huge Thank You to our Contest Chair Putu, Chief Judge Chia Choon Kiat and our wonderful TME Ramanpreet ! 👏🤩

Check out all the photos on our Facebook post !

MPTMC Club Contest: Evaluation Speech

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Club Calendar (Sep 2018 to Mar 2019)

Marine Parade Toastmasters Club Calendar from Sep 2018 to Mar 2019 is out! (part#2 will be released in due time 😚) #mpToastmasters #mptmc

It lists our Chapter Meeting and Contest dates as well as Socials. So, whip out your phones and #savethemdates! We meet on 1st & 3rd Fridays, 7pm.

Outdoor meeting dates are in Green and on Saturdays (based on poll results), tentatively planned for around 4.30pm🍃🌳 #MarineParadeToasties 

Note: Dates are correct at publishing time, but for the latest updates, always check our Facebook Events page  & our sharedMPToastmasters Calendar” (NEW!!).

mptmc calendar Sep18 to Mar 19

NEW!! MPToastmasters Google Calendar

You can view our “MPToastmasters Calendar” via URL (no App needed) – bookmark this!

Bonus: If you have Google Calendar in your phone, you can add+sync “MPToastmasters Calendar” by clicking this link.

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2018-19 Exco Installation and end June Chapter Meeting

29 June 2018: the Torch is handed over! Tonight, we warmly & officially welcome of our 11th Executive Committee for Term 2018-2019.

Thank You to the 10th ExCo for a successful term and to our Members & Guests for a fantastic celebration! Special Thanks to our Installation Officer, Mithun J Malani, ACB, ALS.

11th Executive Committee – 2018/19
President : Putu Sanjaya Setiawan, CC, CL
VP Education : Shiv Barasia, LD1
VP Education : Anuj Velankar, PI1
VP Membership : Prasad Bakre, ACB, ALB
VP Public Relations : Jeannie Kwara, MS1
Secretary : Jeremy Tan
Treasurer : Ramanpreet Bhatia, TC1
Sergeant at arms : Abhinandan Chillal
Immediate Past President : Paulson Thomas, CC, CL

Hello new Club Officers!
2018/19 Exco Installation — at Marine Parade Toastmasters Club:

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, text(Priorities! – Club President Putu is focused on precise cake-cutting)


Image may contain: 20 people, people smiling, people sitting(Marine Parade Toastmasters Club end June Chapter Meeting)

Our 3 Bests for the evening – the Evaluator who made us laugh at our mistakes, the Speaker who drew us in and flipped our viewpoint, and the Impromptu share of allowing Curiousity to better the self. Congrats, gentlemen! Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and text

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